New Muckville Kickstarter Update!

Great news … up to 21 backers and roughly 14% of goal. And so many of you have said you will back soon and are spreading the word!

Once again I can’t thank you all enough! Let’s keep it going!

Kickstarter Daily Update!


(see note about image below)



Okay, here it is, we are now at 19 backers, $717, 13% of goal!

You guys are awesome!!!!!

Many more have told me they will soon back and be spreading the word.

I know these posts suck but you have the power to stop me from doing them … by helping me reach goal!


* image note: I wanted to post a “happy face” and believe it or not that is Christopher Walken’s “happy face.”

New Muckville Kickstarter campaign update

My daily Muckville Kickstarter campaign update!

A couple of new backers have come on the scene. I now have 17 backers for a total of $617 … I am at above 10% of my goal!


Thank you again to all of my new and previous backers!

Here is a useful link. On my Kickstarter page you can find my bio link here:

Click on the text that says “See full bio & links” to read my bio and for a series of links about me and some of my public policy activities.

Again, if you can back me fantastic … and if you can spread the word and encourage your friends to back me … better yet!

In the meantime enjoy these videos which are stories that ran on WABC 7 Eyewitness News in NYC about he devastation of Hurricane Irene and my subsequent $150K 50 lb bag of onions on eBay ad. My dad with his reference to Oprah Winfrey totally steals the show in that story.

A new backer for my Kickstarter campaign!

Awesome … I now have 16 backers and I am near 10% of my goal!

We can do this!

Please, if you can back it please back it and spread the word … so I can stop these posts!!!

Just watch the Trololo guy and know that we can all do this together!

More Muckville Kickstarter campaign links

Here are a couple of other Muckville Kickstarter links to take note of.

First, this is a podcast interview with Dr. Wright on blog talk radio about my project:

This is a link to a Crowdfunding Discussion Forum thread about my project. Feel free topmost any comments or questions you may have:!

And finally, once again, here is a link to my campaign!

I humbly request your generous support and spreading the word about my project.

To those that have already backed me and spread the word you again receive my incredible gratitude and my sincere apologies for having to read this over and over and over again.

The rest of you have the power to make me stop … by helping me reach my goal.

Now, watch this and get inspired and go chase a chicken in honor of my Muckville Kickstarter campaign:

Update on Kickstarter campaign for Muckville

A brief update on my Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to pay for an editor for my farming memoir “Muckville: Farm Policy, Media and the Strange Oddities of Semi-Rural Life.”

Okay, we are at 15 backers, $492, which is close to 10% of goal! A good start but I need a great deal more help. Please consider backing my project and spreading the word about it. My memoir is all about what is involved in being a small family farmer. It also details my wife and I’s years of experiences working on public policy issues connection with farming. What I detail you can use as a roadmap for your own situation and cause!

And to those that have already backed it, thank you!

Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing! And the best way to get me to stop posting this crap is to back my project and help me reach my funding goal!

Kickstarter Project Update!


Muckville: a memoir of the public policy life of a farmer!

 An inside look at a farmer’s fight to influence ag policy in Washington DC and the oddities of life that happen along the way.

We’ll at the start of DAY 4 of my Project I now have 10 backers and have reached 5% of my goal. A great start!

I found out yesterday on the Kickstarter website, under the section for staff picks for the publishing section my project is 9at least at the time of this posting) their top pick!

Now I need your help to keep things moving! It won’t remain a top pick for long if it doesn’t continue the momentum. Eight of my backers are friends while two are strangers.

The added bonus to this project becoming successful is that I will stop haunting everyone!

Just a reminder, Kickstarter is “all or nothing” so if I don’t reach my funding goal I get none of the pledged support.

Help a 4th generation small family onion farmer who has lobbied on Capitol Hill get his memoir published via Kickstarter!