New Muckville Kickstarter campaign update

My daily Muckville Kickstarter campaign update!

A couple of new backers have come on the scene. I now have 17 backers for a total of $617 … I am at above 10% of my goal!


Thank you again to all of my new and previous backers!

Here is a useful link. On my Kickstarter page you can find my bio link here:

Click on the text that says “See full bio & links” to read my bio and for a series of links about me and some of my public policy activities.

Again, if you can back me fantastic … and if you can spread the word and encourage your friends to back me … better yet!

In the meantime enjoy these videos which are stories that ran on WABC 7 Eyewitness News in NYC about he devastation of Hurricane Irene and my subsequent $150K 50 lb bag of onions on eBay ad. My dad with his reference to Oprah Winfrey totally steals the show in that story.