Kickstarter Daily Update!


(see note about image below)



Okay, here it is, we are now at 19 backers, $717, 13% of goal!

You guys are awesome!!!!!

Many more have told me they will soon back and be spreading the word.

I know these posts suck but you have the power to stop me from doing them … by helping me reach goal!


* image note: I wanted to post a “happy face” and believe it or not that is Christopher Walken’s “happy face.”

2 thoughts on “Kickstarter Daily Update!

  1. Dear Sirs,I read your blog named “Kickstarter Daily Update! | Mucking it up in Muckville” like every week. Your story-telling style is bravo, keep it up! And you can check my website about 鋼鐵人.

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