More Muckville Kickstarter campaign links

Here are a couple of other Muckville Kickstarter links to take note of.

First, this is a podcast interview with Dr. Wright on blog talk radio about my project:

This is a link to a Crowdfunding Discussion Forum thread about my project. Feel free topmost any comments or questions you may have:!

And finally, once again, here is a link to my campaign!

I humbly request your generous support and spreading the word about my project.

To those that have already backed me and spread the word you again receive my incredible gratitude and my sincere apologies for having to read this over and over and over again.

The rest of you have the power to make me stop … by helping me reach my goal.

Now, watch this and get inspired and go chase a chicken in honor of my Muckville Kickstarter campaign:

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