Kickstarter campaign update!

It’s the weekend and we are still moving forward. As of noon on Sunday I now have 23 backers and have reached 17% of my funding goal.

So, we are continuing to move forward but this is a huge weekend and week coming up!

A special shout out to all of my public policy and media/news friends. many of you are mentioned in the memoir! Very positively, for the most part, I might add. Hey, I’m just telling the truth as to what Eve and I have experienced over the years and so many of you have played a part in helping us help our community, either via your actions in your positions or via accurately telling our story and helping us get the word out!

Thanks again to all of you that have backed me so far and have spread the word! I greatly appreciate it. Just like years ago I just knew we would be successful in obtaining the eventual special earmark we obtained as part of the 2002 Farm Bill I see myself some day, in the very near future, talking about “Muckville” and sharing how others can imitate what we did in terms of grassroots activism!

This piece details just some of our public policy activities!

This story deals with the 1 year anniversary of Irene, which really details what we have been struggling with:

And here is a story about Irene at the time:

Again, thank you all!!!!!

New Muckville Kickstarter campaign update

My daily Muckville Kickstarter campaign update!

A couple of new backers have come on the scene. I now have 17 backers for a total of $617 … I am at above 10% of my goal!


Thank you again to all of my new and previous backers!

Here is a useful link. On my Kickstarter page you can find my bio link here:

Click on the text that says “See full bio & links” to read my bio and for a series of links about me and some of my public policy activities.

Again, if you can back me fantastic … and if you can spread the word and encourage your friends to back me … better yet!

In the meantime enjoy these videos which are stories that ran on WABC 7 Eyewitness News in NYC about he devastation of Hurricane Irene and my subsequent $150K 50 lb bag of onions on eBay ad. My dad with his reference to Oprah Winfrey totally steals the show in that story.