A big week in the media for me this week!

Well, a banner week in the media for me this week!

First, on Tuesday night I, along with Cornell University Professor Margaret Smith, was a guest on WSKG’s “Community Conversation” program, hosted by Crystal Sarakas. The theme of the hour long show was “Genetically Engineered Foods.” It was a blast and Crystal was a spectacular host!


Then on Wednesday I was interviewed by the always wonderful Blasie Gomez for a story on News12 on how the hot weather has been affecting the local crops:


Finally on Thursday I was interviewed by the equally fantastic Meredith Zaritheny for a story on YNN on how farmers have been dealing with the heat:


The highlight? Well for both Blaise and Meredith after the story I got to wash their feet, tho I only have a pic of my rinsing of the feet of Blaise Gomez:


While I didn’t get a pic of my washing Meredith’s feet I did get a pic of Meredith talking to her #1 fan, my dad. The following exchange actually took place:

Dad: “Hey Meredith, want to pull some weeds?” Meredith: “No!”


My dad did get catch a glimpse of Blaise and remarked to our employee Shorty as they watched Blaise walk down the field: “God is good.”

It needs to stop raining now …

How mucky is the muck? Very mucky, very soggy, very boggy, very wet! It just keeps raining and raining and raining and raining. In less than a month we have gotten over 9 inches of rain.

Here is a recent YNN story I was in about the situation:


Here is recent Tracy Baxter story from the Times Herald-Record website:


Here is the video alone:

Every other year since 2005 we have either had a flood of some sort or excessive rains.

In 2005 we had 2 “50 year floods.”
In 2007 we had a “50 year flood.”
In 2009 we had an excessively wet June and July (see my submitted written testimony which you can download via this link for details on the effects of that rains: http://www.ag.senate.gov/hearings/expanding-our-food-and-fiber-supply-through-a-strong-us-farm-policy).
In 2011 we had 2 “50 year floods.”
In 2013 we are excessively wet.

What exactly is happening to my onion crop? Essentially my onions in certain parts of my fields are drowning. They are turning yellow, they are melting down and not only not producing new leaves they are losing old foliage.

I will later today post photos.

What can I do about it? Not much. I can hook my fields in an attempt to try and dry them out. I’ve done that twice already but I can’t even think of doing that again until the ground dries out.

I can add fertilizer, particularly some form of nitrogen. I’ve done that once already.

I can add a foliar feed to my fungicide/insecticide spray package. I’ve done that once already as well.

Apart from that there is not much else I can do.

Welcome to the life of a farmer!

Dad and Meredith

So, this is the 4th story I have been interviewed by new, intrepid YNN reporter Meredith Zaritheny (see: http://hudsonvalley.ynn.com/content/663997/congressman-maloney-s-agricultural-advisory-committee-issues-report/ )

It is now the third story she has interviewed me on the farm. And now the 3rd time my dad has gotten a good look at her. After the first story on the farm, which took place during the late winter in early March she was all bundled up and my dad didn’t really get a good look at her. Afterwards he said to me, “she’s too short, I’d throw her back.” I replied with, “what is she, a fish.” And my dad replied with, “yeah, she’s no keeper.”

Well, after the last 2 stories, after he has gotten a good look at her up close, his position has changed. He chatted with her multiple times on Friday, and told some of his basic stories and jokes.

Later, after she left and as he and I were on our way to spray our onions he said:

“That Meredith, she’s something else … if something happens to Gracie (my mom) I’m going to be giving her a call.”

Now, will this eventually translate into something he couldn’t get from her predecessor, Elaina Athans, a hug? Even a “full hug,” with a pat and a sway?