A big week in the media for me this week!

Well, a banner week in the media for me this week!

First, on Tuesday night I, along with Cornell University Professor Margaret Smith, was a guest on WSKG’s “Community Conversation” program, hosted by Crystal Sarakas. The theme of the hour long show was “Genetically Engineered Foods.” It was a blast and Crystal was a spectacular host!


Then on Wednesday I was interviewed by the always wonderful Blasie Gomez for a story on News12 on how the hot weather has been affecting the local crops:


Finally on Thursday I was interviewed by the equally fantastic Meredith Zaritheny for a story on YNN on how farmers have been dealing with the heat:


The highlight? Well for both Blaise and Meredith after the story I got to wash their feet, tho I only have a pic of my rinsing of the feet of Blaise Gomez:


While I didn’t get a pic of my washing Meredith’s feet I did get a pic of Meredith talking to her #1 fan, my dad. The following exchange actually took place:

Dad: “Hey Meredith, want to pull some weeds?” Meredith: “No!”


My dad did get catch a glimpse of Blaise and remarked to our employee Shorty as they watched Blaise walk down the field: “God is good.”