A big week in the media for me this week!

Well, a banner week in the media for me this week!

First, on Tuesday night I, along with Cornell University Professor Margaret Smith, was a guest on WSKG’s “Community Conversation” program, hosted by Crystal Sarakas. The theme of the hour long show was “Genetically Engineered Foods.” It was a blast and Crystal was a spectacular host!


Then on Wednesday I was interviewed by the always wonderful Blasie Gomez for a story on News12 on how the hot weather has been affecting the local crops:


Finally on Thursday I was interviewed by the equally fantastic Meredith Zaritheny for a story on YNN on how farmers have been dealing with the heat:


The highlight? Well for both Blaise and Meredith after the story I got to wash their feet, tho I only have a pic of my rinsing of the feet of Blaise Gomez:


While I didn’t get a pic of my washing Meredith’s feet I did get a pic of Meredith talking to her #1 fan, my dad. The following exchange actually took place:

Dad: “Hey Meredith, want to pull some weeds?” Meredith: “No!”


My dad did get catch a glimpse of Blaise and remarked to our employee Shorty as they watched Blaise walk down the field: “God is good.”


So, Joey and I are out on a field of onions down Indiana Road going thru the fields doing some cultivating on our AC-G’s with a Buddingh Basket Weeder (http://www.buddinghweeder.com) and I called my dad to pick us up at noon or so.

I see him come down Indiana and stop at the bridge in front of the field. I park the tractor about 25 feet away and I am hit with an overpowering smell of skunk!

Me: “What the hell happened?”
Dad: “I caught a skunk, a baby skunk in a trap by the house … I let it out, put some cardboard over it … it didn’t spray me.”
Me: “You stink … I can smell you 30 feet away … it had to have had sprayed you.”
Dad: “It didn’t … I don’t know.”

At this point Joey pulls up with his tractor. I yell to him that my dad stinks. He yells back “No kidding, I can smell him from here … what the hell did you do?”

He repeats what he told me. Joey takes his shirt and covers it over his face. I have my head sticking out the window. Joey climbs into the back of the jeep from my side and cries for dad to open his window. he can’t … it’s broken.

Me: “Oh my God … this is terrible.”
Dad: “Ahh .. you eventually get used to it.”
Joey: “No you don’t. This is awful.”
Dad: “Maybe it sprayed on the ground and I sort of stepped in it. It could be on my shoes. I don’t know.”
Joey: “Gracie is going to love you. You better stay out of the house. And change your clothes.”
Me: “Pour gas on your shoes.”
Joey: “No, pour diesel fuel. That will take it out.”
Me: “I can’t breathe. I’m going to gag. This is horrible. Don’t touch anything in this truck.”
Dad: “You get used to it.”

As we drove past the Quaker Creek Store (http://www.quakercreekstore.com) my dad says with a smile “hey, you can smell the lunch special at Quaker Creek.” I replied with “Are you crazy? I just smell skunk.”

After I got home I called my mom and asked her if she could smell him.

Mom: “Yes! Are you nuts. He left his clothes outside.”
Me: “What was it on?”
Mom: (laughing) “He thinks now his pants were sprayed.

Just another day on the farm.