Have you checked out Farmroot?

The website for my new organization Farmroot is up, running and has been recently updated. Have you checked it out recently?



Please check out the website of my new public policy organization, Farmroot! It focuses on agricultural issues connected with “Specialty Crops,” mainly vegetables and fruits. Though many of the issues impact the rest of the ag spectrum.

This event was my first event where I formally spoke as a representative of Farmroot:

Here are two blog postings about it:


“Do I have to eat it?”

So, Eve decided to buy these Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches when she went grocery shopping on Sunday. First sign of trouble … Jonah yesterday.

Jonah: “Dad, do I have to finish this?”
Me: “Your mom paid a lot of money for it. Eat it.”
Jonah: “But dad, it’s gross. I can buy breakfast at school. Please!”

I wasn’t going to force him to eat so I gave him $3 and told him don’t tell his mom. This morning I spy Eve making some more of those things and I tell her what happened with Jonah.

Eve: “I might have made it wrong. You’re supposed to microwave it in a paper towel.”
Me: “I think it was more than that.”

A few minutes later Caleb came down and Eve gave him one of the two that she nuked this morning.

Caleb: “Jesus, this is disgusting. Do I have to finish it?”
Eve: “No. I just finished mine and my stomach is not making happy noises.”

Folks, it’s not a good thing when Eve’s stomach is “not making happy noises.” Thank you Jimmy Dean … may you rot in pre-fabbed sausage and egg sandwich hell.