The 2013 crop year photo and video re-cap

Here is just a small (my Facebook friends can verify how small) selection of photos from the 2013 growing season. Also included are a series of videos we made as well.

This is also what “Muckville: Farm Policy, Media and the Strange Oddities of Semi-Rural Life” is about as well! Again, thank you for your support!



You’ve gobbled the turkey … you’re stuffed with stuffing … now’s the time to support my Muckville Kickstarter campaign!

At your wonderful dinner yesterday did you eat any of these?

Not those … these:


Do you wonder how they got from point A to point B … your plates?

That’s only part of the story …

Ever wonder what happens when a entire crop is obliterated?

Ever wonder how we work with elected officials and politicos to bring about positive public policy for farmers?

If any of these things are either of importance or interest to you then please support my project and spread the word. My memoir tells the story of what’s involved in growing a crop and working with the powers that be to develop smart public policy.

And either way … eat more onions and thank you for your support … this Bud’s for you!