Nalan replies again … sending me even more pictures of Eva Angel!

Here it is … my reply will be posted shortly!

Date: January 26, 2015 at 9:02:53 AM EST
From: Nalan <>
Reply-To: Nalan <>
To: Chris Pawelski 
Subject: Hello!
Hello! I’m so glad to see that you have written to me! It was very
nice to see from you. I think we will have a long acquaintance. I have
a feeling that I was drawn to your letters. Do you have the same
feeling? I thought a lot about you, and decided that perhaps you can
trust. Today I want to tell you about my family. My father – his name
is Anton, his 63 and he was in the military. Now my father retired, he
was a war all my life. My mother’s name is Gika – her 57 years, she is
now retired, and is engaged in household chores. All her life she
worked on the farm, because he loves animals. I love and respect my
parents. As a child, I, like all children to attend school. I liked at
school, so how could I learn something new. I finished the 11th grade
with honors, receiving a gold medal for academic success. I live with
my parents, and I have my own room. Sometimes I want to have to find a
man and start privacy. So how to live with their parents well, but I
want more freedom. I always have an opinion, and to achieve the very
most. Now look back at that time and I understand that in addition to
the difficulties and hardships life taught me a lot – be independent,
just to achieve in life itself. I’m not one to rely! So I was a good
student, which gave me a chance to go to university itself. I was
educated teacher, so I now work in a profession. A lot of effort spent
on it to learn English, but to me it still needs to improve. Now I
have an interesting job and I am self-sufficient in itself. In the
West, for some reason, there is a misconception that all girls tend to
marry a foreigner because of the money. As if the money – it’s the
most important thing in life. I wonder what you think about this? You
know, I now sorely lacking an understanding person who could hear me
and understand what I feel. I have had a relationship with the guys,
but unfortunately, most of my fans was only sex. They saw me as just
an attractive figure, and no one wanted to know what is in my heart.
As soon as someone I trusted and hoped I changed and broken heart.
That’s why I decided to communicate via the Internet. Perhaps through
correspondence will be able to better understand the man. I am very
glad that you came into my life. I find it interesting to talk to you,
I would climb into your mailbox to read your messages. Tell me,
please, and you have had a relationship with the girls? For what
purpose do you start dating on the web to me? You just want to be
friends or looking for your soul mate? I’m tired of being lonely and
looking for a serious relationship, I dream of a good family with good
loving husband, a reliable partner in life. Maybe I want too much? But
I still believe in love. I want you to trust me and I think that we
should be honest with each other. I’m waiting for answers to my
questions. This concludes the letter. It is waiting for your answer.

me me1 me2 me3

2 thoughts on “Nalan replies again … sending me even more pictures of Eva Angel!

  1. Por que se mostrar com varios nomes e querer sinceridade da pessoa que está do outro lado? Uma ora é Nalan, noutro momento é Elena e às vezes Derya. E ai?

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