My 3rd reply to Nalan!

This speaks for itself … enjoy!

Subject: Re: Hello!
From: Chris Pawelski
Date: January 24, 2015 at 11:57:42 AM EST
To: Nalan <>

Hi Nalan,

Wow, that was a fast response!
That is an interesting school you went to! Pushkin is the name of a character in the James Bond movies. He replaces General Gogol as head of the KGB. Here is the Wiki entry:
I too learned such English words when I first went to school, including table, chair and dog. My first word I ever spoke was “truck.” You and I are like twins we are so similar!
I have many workers from latin America so I never fear the accent. Is yours scary? Can you send some sort of voicemail message to me so I can evaluate it?
What did you like about me based on my reply to you? Do you mind if I have a wife already? What are you thoughts on that? Can you weed onions and pick out rotten onions on the grading table?
In fact, what are you thoughts about onions? Do you eat them? Do you love them? Did you know that they are great for your digestive system, although they may give you bad smelling poopy gas.
Yes, you do have quite the beautiful body. In fact, I would say you have the body of a porn star. I hope I am not being too naughty in saying that.
Ooh, please send me more photos! I love photo shoots. Do you take selfies too?
I do enjoy the side story about your one time photographer now insurance agent with a family friend named Anna! Does he look like a porn star too?
I like tv shows and movies too. I also love Bugs Bunny cartoons! They are so real that sometimes I think those cartoons are really documentaries! Do you think they are based on true stories?
I hate Madonna! Period! End of discussion!
I never go to the bars. My wife won’t let me. I don’t blame her.
I currently have 3 cats. I love them!
I too greatly admire and respect honest people.
Currently I am working on a very important/special project. You see, I fear that our entire planet and existence on planet earth is threatened by a dangerous temporal anomaly! You see, time travel research must take place so that centuries down the road we have trained time traveling soldiers and technicians who can deal with any threats to our current time line. To do this time travel research needs to be funded now. I firmly believe that I am the person that funds it. But I am currently broke. I needs funds to do this. So I am pleading with legitimate time travelers to get to me winning Powerball numbers, so I can amass a huge fortune and fund time travel research.
This isn’t about me getting rich, this is about protecting the timeline and humanity being the dominant life form on the planet.
What do you know about the gray space aliens? Are your transmissions secure or do I need to scramble them. The NSA is listening.
Talk with you soon,
Here are more pictures to check out:
Me at the dentist:
Me driving a truck:
On Jan 24, 2015, at 10:33 AM, Nalan <> wrote:
Hello! Thank you for your letter. I’m so glad that you wrote the
letter! I hope to open the mail and see your message. It was nice to
find your letter. I think that we need to learn a lot about each
other. I think you will agree with this. So tell us about yourself a
little more. English I began to learn more before school, about a year
before I went to school. In kindergarten we were taught simple words
such as: table, chair, dog, cat and many other simple words. At the
university I went to the English language more thoroughly. I finished
“Tbilisi Pedagogical Institute named AS Pushkin” in my country’s
capital Tbilisi. My qualification – a teacher of English. I chose the
Faculty of Education, because I was attracted to working with
children. Since high school, I thought that the work of teachers noble
and important work, which I want to do. And then, I love children. I
can speak fluently in English. But sometimes I make mistakes. I have
my difficulties, that would be correct to write. Sometimes I look in
the dictionary, if I can not find the right word. I have concerns
about my accent. Perhaps for you, my focus will be fun. =). You could
tell how you will treat my accent? You will not scare it? It would be
interesting to know what you think about it. I like you already knew
from our correspondence, I love sports. This allows you to be healthy
and keep your body in shape. But it is important for every woman –
many are sitting on a diet, pace yourself to lose a few pounds. To me
this easier, I am engaged in fitness and twice a week I go to the
pool. Therefore, I can say without false modesty that I have a
beautiful body, which I’m not ashamed, unlike many girls with
complexes (there are such, I hope they will not come across). I love
the photo shoot, and if you want, I can send you some of the most
successful in my view photos. Just want to warn you that my photos
will be at the level of a professional. After university, my best
friend, her name is Anna, bought a good camera, and wanted to become a
photographer. So we did a lot of photo session with her, and these
photos we have no one to show, and they were stored on the computer
Anna. My hard drive on the computer recently broke and I lost all my
pictures, so I had a photo taken from Anna. I think you’ll like.
Unfortunately, Anna was not able to become a photographer, because a
lot of competition, so she had to sell the camera in the future. And
now she has a family and children, and it works as an insurance agent.
Please tell me how you feel about the sport, practiced anything? I
spend free time mostly at home, reading books. Very fond of novels and
adventure. I watch soap operas, really like “Interns” is a hilarious
movie about the life of physicians, has just received a diploma and a
trainee in the hospital. From music I like to listen to Madonna, by
her beautiful songs are very incendiary dance! I am pleased to go to
the movies or cafes with friends, love to chat. Although, of course,
sometimes at work so exhausted that no strength to go anywhere. And
how do you spend your leisure time? Perhaps with the guys at the bar?
I think you are interested in my character. Itself is difficult to
assess, but friends say that I am a very quiet person. In people I
value integrity and honesty, and I did not like, if you suddenly find
out that the person lied to me. What are the qualities you like in
people? What is important to you in a woman in the first place? For me
the main thing – that was a good man. Such that he could take care of
others. Do you love cats? Or dogs? Well, now I’ll bombarded with
questions. I am writing you a letter from my friend Anna. She has
access to the Internet, and I’ll write to you from it. I want to make
our acquaintance continued. Maybe sometimes I do not get to answer you
quickly. But I will try to write to you often. Ok? Now I finish the
letter. I am pleased that we continue to chat, I’m waiting for your
letters! Your passionate girlfriend Nalan!!!

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