How did we handle a 3 day rain event?

How did we handle a 3 day rain event? Since Tuesday after an exceptionally dry period we received roughly 3 inches of rain (give or take 1/4 to a half inch or so). 

How did we do? Well, check out the series of photos. The first batch were taken before the rain event on Monday, the latter I took Thursday morning. All in all we really can’t complain. Another inch or two and it would have been far worse. The water breached a couple of my fields but I have not planted them yet (thankfully). Two of them will eventually get my transplants, but I won’t plant those for a week or longer and the water, which has already started to recede (you can see in the pictures that is already starting), should be long gone.

These particular fields are prone to flood, thanks to how they drain and what the main ditches drain into. Check it out!


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