A photo essay depicting some good old fashioned half Polish farmer stupidity!

I spent most of the day spreading fertilizer. Just as I was finishing the second 4 acre field it started to lightly drizzle or rain. My dump truck is open so any rain that falls it falls on the fertilizer and dump body. We then had to transport the Case 350 cleat tractor (via a trailer pulled by the dump truck) and the fertilizer spreader about a half mile away to the location of the next, and last field I had to spread on for the day.

It was a 2.5 acre field and after I minor blip where i nearly flipped the Case while loading it on the trailer (thank you Joey for getting it unstuck) about 30 minutes later I started to spread. Despite the minor drizzle/spritzing the fertilizer overall was pretty dry. 

The moment of truth came at the final fill-up. I have to use a broom typically to knock and push the last bit of fertilizer out of the truck and into the spreader. Alas, the dump body was a bit damp and some of the fertilizer was not falling down into the spreader. This meant only one thing, I had to get into the dump body, as it was elevated.

This was not a bright thing to do, especially after 2 meniscus tear surgeries over the past 5 years on my left knee. The tractor and truck was slippery and I nearly slipped and fell as I got in. But I got in, and I was able to knock down the rest of the fertilizer. But when I finished a funny fact dawned on me …

I couldn’t get out of the damn truck.

At least without not hurting myself potentially. So, I called Eve on my cell and I said, “Can you and Caleb come over to Snufftown, I’m stuck in the truck and can’t get out without hurting myself.”

Simple. Factual. Clear. Or so I thought.

After a few minutes she and Caleb arrived. She was in a panic. She thought I was pinned under the spreader or the truck and hopped, skipped and jumped to all sorts of dire conclusions. But when they got out of the van they burst out laughing. Caleb immediately started shaping pics on his iPhone and uploaded them to Instagram. Eve kept calling me, accurately, a “dummy.” But, after taking pics Caleb finally pulled the lever and brought the dump body down.

I then successfully climbed out of the truck. And I was able to finish spreading without any more rain or hiccups.

And the day ended with a rainbow. Check out the pics:


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