More old photos!

The post title speaks for itself … a bunch of old photos I have scanned and uploaded of family photos! Most are of me, some with other family members.

Check them out!

Below is my grandfather Mark Kurtz (to the left) at his place of employment.


Below is me with my dad and his dad, Jack Pawelski, shortly before his passing.



Below is me and my mom’s dad.



Below I am James Bond, 007, on an early Bond vehicle prototype supplied by Q.


4 generations of my family on my mom’s side, my brother and I, my mom, her dad and his mom.


Dinner at my grandmother’s house. I still remember that telephone.


4 generations on my dad’s side, my brother and I, my dad (and mom), his mom and her dad.


2 thoughts on “More old photos!

  1. I see that you are part of the Kurtz family and it so happens that I was in your Uncle Mark’s class thru high school. I recognized your mom and your grandpa too. Nice to meet you, Chris.

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