Stitches removed … OUCH!

So, as readers of this blog know … I have a new meniscus tear.

And on December 13, 2013 I had knee surgery to address my new tear.

Since then “Dr. Mom” has been providing the home care.

So today I went to see my Doctor, Dr. Juliano, for a post operation follow-up visit and the for the removal of my stitches.

The stitches were removed and … OUCH … that hurt!


After the stitches were removed Dr. Juliano came in and told us that things were looking pretty good. He was pleased when I told him that I was doing various exercises 3 times a day and in fact confirmed what I was doing was good for my post surgery care, despite what Eve thought. He also gave me an additional non-motion stretching exercise I should start doing in a couple of weeks, once I stop limping around basically.

I asked him for pictures of the surgery and he laughed and said he would get them to me prior to my next follow-up visit in a month. He stressed again that I need to take it easy with the knee and not engage in any of the heavier farm work that I typically do during the season for a month or longer.

Once I get those operation photos I will immediately post them!

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