Outback Bloomin’ Onion Update!!!!!

As blog readers are aware on the night the Iowa Hawkeyes were announced to be one of the teams playing in the 2014 Outback Bowl, Sunday December 8th, I began a campaign … no, a quest to get a free Bloomin’ Onion!


My reason for requesting a free Bloomin’ Onion? Well, I’m a 4th generation onion farmer that also happens to be a very proud alum of the University of Iowa (M.A. 1990).

Soon after I initiated this blog and Twitter campaign to get a free Bloomin’ Onion Outback started to follow me on Twitter and gracefully obliged my request. In fact they did one better … they said they would send me 5 additional certificates to give away on my blog!


And today, December 23, 2013 … those certificates for free Bloomin’ Onions arrived in the mail!


So, in the coming days, when I’m not in a Percocet induced stupor … I have to come up with some sort of contest to award the free Bloomin’ Onion certificates.

Now, I may only have 4 to give away versus 5. The reason? Well, as my dad was driving to me to one of my recent doctor appointments this week I told him about my free Bloomin’ Onion quest. My dad is a huge fan of Texas Roudhouse but in the car he said to me:

“Well, I was thinking of taking your mother to Outback. One of those free certificates would be nice. That’s the best kind of onion to eat … free.”

Since my dad so graciously drove me to 3 different doctor appointments I am in no position to say no. So if he does still want one, he gets it. And then I will provide his review of his Outback dining experience. Brace yourself Outback, my dad is brutal when it comes to eating and dining experiences.

Look to this blog for an upcoming contest to award the other free certificates. Also I must once again acknowledge Outback Corporation for seeing the humor in my request and so graciously granting it.

I’m just kicking myself, as I said in one of my blog entries, that I set my sights so low, for a free Bloomin’ Onion. As I stated in one of my blog posts:

Now I wonder … do you want to send a deeply in debt onion farmer, his wife and two kids to see the game with complimentary tickets, airfare and lodging? You can also feel free to support my Crowd Funding campaign:

Maybe next time Iowa plays in the Outback Bowl Outback Corporation will feel compelled to send a struggling 4th generation small family onion farmer who is an Iowa alum and his wife and two sons who are diehard Iowa Hawkeye fans on an all expense paid trip to the game to watch Iowa play in a Bowl game (an experience non of our family has ever experienced)!

Also any support by Outback of my Crowd Funding campaign to pay for an editor for my unpublished memoir about life on the farm and Capitol Hill will be extremely appreciated!




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