Bill Braine’s blog entry and Crowd Funder Show update

A few weeks ago during my failed Kickstarter campaign my new friend Bill Braine wrote this fantastic blog piece about my project and campaign:

Bill is a fantastic writer and wrote a really nice bog article about my memoir and some of my past activities, including my $150K for a 50lb bag of onions on eBay ad:

I hope people can take a sec and read Bill’s blog entry. And then check out my new Crowd Funder Tv Show campaign. Unlike Kickstarter it is not “all or nothing” and the rewards are dollar for dollar gift certificates for places like Sears, Best Buy, Home Depot and Toys R Us. So, if you plan on doing any shopping at any of these locations you can essentially support my project for free!

If you support me you are helping a farmer that has done volunteer public policy work in behalf of his community for the past 17 years. You are doing more than just helping one person, you are helping a community and an industry!

Any and all help is very much appreciated! It means a great deal to me knowing there are so many avid supporters of farmers out there! Thank you!!!!!

Oh, Outback tweeted me a couple of days ago … the free Bloomin’ Onion gift certificates are in the mail!

Go Hawkeyes!

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