Outback and The Crowd Funder Show!

Just got a Twitter message from Outback. They are putting in the mail today my free Bloomin’ Onion certificates! Look to this blog for a giveaway for the other 5 free Bloomin’ Onion certificates!

Thank you Outback!


My “The Crowd Funder TV Show” campaign now has 11 backers with a total of $500! A fantastic start! Help me keep the momentum moving forward … please back if you can and spread the word! When you back me you are supporting a worthwhile campaign and for every dollar you contribute you get a matching gift card from places like Best Buy, Sears, Toys R Us or Home Depot … essentially if you are planning on shopping at any of these locations in the near future it is like supporting me at no cost to you!

See this older blog entry for more details:


That posting also discusses the new website for my public policy organization that works on issues related to vegetable and fruit farming … Farmroot!


Farmroot will be a codified organization that will better help me help out the farming community, especially specialty crop farmers, in terms of the promotion of good public policy initiatives!

Finally, after much angst, pain and trepidation I visited my ENT Specialist’s office this morning and learned I have some sort of fungus in my ear, quite possibly black mold, a mold I actually sometimes get on my onions!

You simply can’t make this stuff up!

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