Ye Shall Do Things Thrice!

Centuries ago … in some crap hole in the darkest corner of Europe my great great great great great great great great great great grandfather was cursed … cursed by an evil Carpathian Overlord that my ancestors severely displeased ….

And that curse was …

Ye Shall Do Things Thrice!

Yes … my poor ancestor did something to really piss the land’s overlord off and he subjected him and his posterity to do things over and over again!

And that’s how it works on Pawelski Farm … we don’t do things once .. we do it twice or three times. We move a tractor, then move it back … then move it back again. Get the wrench … no, put it back … no “deliver unto me the f&^%$#@ wrench!”

Somewhere in the nether regions a displeased and unsatisfied Carpathian Overlord laughs … and laughs some more!

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