Thanks for all the kind comments!

First, my apologies for taking so long to post this. I’m still getting a handle on this blog and a number of comments came in for approval that I just didn’t notice at first. They were put in the spam box and I was not notified of them. Hence, my need to check my dashboard more frequently!

Thanks to all of the positive and nice comments I have received recently about my blog and blog postings. A few have asked about the blog format, well, I’ve used one of the free WordPress formats. I’ve looked at some of the other themes but I really like how this one is laid out the best.

Again, thank you!

And please continue to spread the word about my Kickstarter campaign … less than 13 days to go and only 25% of my goal. If you can back and/or get your friends to back … that would be fantastic and very much appreciated. Please help my book become a reality!