The Great Muckville Blog Free Bloomin’ Onion Essay Contest!


Back on Sunday December 8th it was formally announced that Iowa would play LSU in the Outback Bowl and that night I launched a campaign on this blog and on Twitter for Outback to give me a free Bloomin’ Onion for being a 4th generation family onion farmer who is also an Iowa alum!


A mere 6 days later, after a handful of blog postings and a number of tweets I was followed by Outback on Twitter and contacted on Twitter. Not only did they agree to give me a free Bloomin’ Onion certificate, they actually gave me 6 so I could give the others away on my blog!



On December 23rd I gave the first certificate away to my dad, because he said he wanted to go to Outback and try a Bloomin’ Onion, since he has never had one. So, since he is my dad and does a lot for me, I gave one to him.


For the last few weeks I have struggled though with how I would give away the remaining 4 certificates. Trivia questions are easily solved via Google and didn’t seem all that interesting to me. Then, while sitting in bed and fighting off a headache it hit me … an essay contest!

So here is the deal … I convinced, via social media, Outback to give me a free Bloomin’ Onion! You need to do the same to me … hence …

The Great Muckville Blog Free Bloomin’ Onion Essay Contest!


In no less than 500 words and no greater than 1,000 you need to, in a humorous or creative fashion, convince me I should award one of those free certificates to you! Specifics:

Contest run date: January 2-31

E-mail your essay to: Please include your snail mail address so if you are a winner I can mail you the certificate.

All 4 chosen winning essays will appear on my blog!

So, get those creative juices flowing and e-mail me those essays!

Since I am in the midst of my Crowd Funder Show campaign to fund an editor for my memoir … I had to mention it!

Please support my Crowd Funder campaign for raising funds for a professional editor for my memoir. For every dollar you contribute you get a matching dollar for dollar gift card from places like Best Buy, Sears, Home Depot and Toys R Us, amongst others.

Can you support a small family farmer who does public policy work by getting his memoir ready to be published?

Kickstarter campaign!

I’m launching another Kickstarter project in the next couple of days to try and raise funds for an editor for my unpublished memoir, “Muckville: Farm Policy, Media and the Strange Oddities of Semi-Rural Life.” I’ve met a professional editor via Twitter and she wants to edit my work. She edited my Kickstarter page and did a great job. She has worked with authors who have gotten published.

She has read part of my memoir already and has said, and I quote:

“I haven’t gotten very far – I am only up to the part about farm workers and the Amen Industry. You are a very good storyteller. If you are willing to put in the work required, I think you have really got something here.”

I hope you can all spread the word once it is launched.