The non public policy/legislative highlights of my recent DC trip!

First off, I wish I have pictures of what i am about to relate, but alas, I do not.

The following are the two best events that took place that did not involve advocacy or legislative visits or events on Capitol Hill during my recent trip.

Event #1

As I was sitting in my seat, in business class on Amtrak’s 8:00am northeast regional train to DC a man with a foreign heritage (maybe from India, or Pakistan) sat down next to me. He had a very colorful scarf on his head. It was red and orange. And it was wrapped in an elaborate fashion. As he sat down he proceeded to remove the scarf and he promptly blew his nose into it. Within moments the conductor appeared, examined his ticket, and informed him he did not have a business class seat and he would have to move.

Since he promptly moved I do not know if he put the scarf back on his head.

Event #2

As I was exiting a 5th floor men’s room in the Longworth House Office Building on Tuesday I proceeded to pass a man of entered with a half eaten banana in his hand, which he was still eating. He entered a men’s stall.

That’s just weird. Of course it would have been far weirder if he instead exited a men’s stall with a half eaten banana in his hand.

You simply cannot make this stuff up.