Two other old media pieces, pictures in Hudson Valley Magazine & Orange Magazine

Here are two other older media pieces I dug up, one is a picture of my dad that ran in Hudson Valley Magazine and the other is from the Premiere Issue of Orange Magazine.

The first picture is of my dad was taken by photojournalist Nihal Mahawaduge & ran in the January 2001 issue of Hudson Valley Magazine. It is a fantastic picture and the precursor of the long photo piece that would run in March.

The second picture was in the Premiere edition of Orange Magazine, which debuted December 2007-January 2008.

I still remember when the reporter, Joe Bevilacqua called to interview me. He tried to explain what the outlet was and I didn’t quite understand. He then had a series of off the wall questions he asked me. i answered them best I could, with a laugh. The interview took place during harvest time, one night after work.

I was later photographed by awesome photographer Chris Ramirez, who is good friends with my cousin Adam Kurtz and had taken pictures of me before for the Times Herald-Record. I went straight from work to a studio space in Warwick. You can see I’m dirty in the picture. He said it was okay if I was dirty.

Quite an honor to be in the Premiere issue!

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