Exciting Muckville news … my campaign will be featured on the Crowd Funder Show!


I have exciting news … my campaign to raise funds to hire an editor will be featured on the Crowd Funder Show!

What is the Crowd Funder Show and what does it mean to appear on the show? According to their website:

The Crowd Funder TV Show highlights various ideas that have been selected based on their merit for creativity, social relevance, and commercial viability.

Each episode focuses the spotlight on six or seven inspiring projects and personal goals that give the viewing audience insight into the campaign, its principal, and the reason(s) why it should come to fruition.

The Crowd Funder TV Show highlights various ideas that have been selected based on their merit for creativity, social relevance, and commercial viability.

I initially contacted them for my campaign to appear on their tv show (it currently airs in parts of NYS and Canada, as well as online). What I did not realize is that when a project appears on their show they create an entirely new crowd funding campaign for it. In other words, this campaign is entirely different, separate and distinct from my Kickstarter campaign. Their campaign has a couple of distinct differences from Kickstarter.

1. Everything that is raised is kept, it is not “all or nothing” like Kickstarter.

2. The rewards are very different.

Again, from their website:

Viewers can choose to support the projects they watch by contributing directly to the campaign website or by calling a toll-free number.

The Crowd Funder Show rewards contributors with sponsored gift cards for the same amount of money they contribute, up to $100.

Supporting people and their projects has never been easier so it’s no wonder you can’t help but feel like you’re a part of something special.

The Crowd Funder TV Show is an interesting, inspiring program that highlights human ingenuity and co-operation.

When you go to my page you will see locations once can choose from for the gift card include:

Best Buy


Home Depot



Amongst others ….

If you choose to support me at the $25 level you can choose to get a $25 gift card from Best Buy as a reward.

So, if you are planning on shopping at any of these places the coming weeks, or are looking to give gift cards as gifts from any of these places, you can essentially choose to support me at no additional cost to you!

So, can you support me and my campaign to raise the funds for an editor for my yet to be published memoir? If you do not only are your supporting a very worthwhile endeavor but you can get fantastic gift cards from places you already shop from. And can you spread the word about this to all of your friends via your various social media platforms?

And to the extremely generous people that have already chosen to back my Kickstarter campaign, thank you once again! If my campaign on Kickstarter fails (and as each day passes it looks like that is likely) I hope you can support me on the Crowd Funder Show page. You will be helping me out and getting a great gift card as well.

Once the video segment of my campaign is posted online I will post the link. In the meantime thank you so much for your support and please spread the word!

Sample episode of the show: