Check out my YouTube channel!

So … I have a YouTube channel … ta da:

It has some informative … entertaining and just plain weird stuff on it. Some videos are fairly and not so fairly recent news appearances. Some are very old family movies that are also … just plain weird. Some are recent farming related videos. And some are college related videos.┬áIf you are a fan of Professional Wrestler Mick Foley …


… check some of them out … Mick appears in some of them (he was the teaching assistant for our studio production class at SUNY Cortland). Here is one example:

I have a really funny one that was a parody of the “Just Say No” campaigns but it has me saying some naughty words and Eve won’t let me upload it. One day ….

For an example of news pieces here is one … from WABC TV in NYC when they did a story about my $150,000 bag of onions on eBay (plus a free 5 gallon bucket of genuine dirt):

For funny and weird family movies check out my dad’s home movies from his Army days … this is priceless material:

I was also for 3 summers an instructor at Northwestern University’s National High School Institute or “Cherub” program:

Some of the videos are projects from the students I helped teach. Here is one example:

So, feel free to check it out and even subscribe if you like!