Blogging will pick up soon!

Things have been awful crazy on the farm. Not only did we have another busy growing season, but, I nearly died from a 95% blockage in my LAD and my neighbors have been violating our land. Oh, this past September 23rd was Eve and I’s 25th wedding anniversary and the Iowa Hawkeyes as of today are 12-0, ranked 3rd in the CFP ranking and playing Michigan State for the Big 10 Championship on Saturday night!

As work for the 2015 growing season continues to wind down I will have some more time to blog. Hopefully in the next few days I will post some of the media pieces I have appeared in the past few months and some more pictures from this season and this horrible drainage ditch situation with my neighbors.

Regarding that drainage ditch situation, our family has hired famed civil rights attorney Michael Sussman to represent us

(see: and

and he has filed a lawsuit in our behalf


This article details some of the absurdity connected with this situation:

More on this situation down the road.

Sorry for the lack of articles but you will see more soon! And thank you for reading and following my blog!

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