My 1st response to Nalan

Subject: Re: Hello!
From: Chris Pawelski 
Date: January 21, 2015 at 9:48:54 AM EST
To: Nalan <>
Hi Nalan,

Quite the pleasure to meet you!!!!
I very much enjoyed your detailed letter to me! Yes, I can’t stand fake online nicknames as well and greatly respect your honesty to me. I also appreciate the Gillian’s Islandesque type set from which one of your pics seems to be taken at! Very exotic and exciting. Do you know the Skipper?
I have relatives from Poland and the Ukraine so I know of Georgia. I don’t know much about the Zodiac, except that some of what I call “the greasy men” use that as pickup lines at the local bar. Are the signs of the Zodiac similar to the years of the Chinese? What happens if you are a Ram and I am in the Year of the Rooster? Who wins?
Let me tell you about myself, I am in my late 40’s happily married for nearly 25 years with two boys. I live in a small house and I am an onion farmer. That’s right, I grow onions (see: & Do they have farms near you and what do they grow?
I must say I am very impressed with your English. I also love you do aerobics but I don’t know metrics so I have to ask my 12 year old to translate those numbers for me. I greatly admire your candor that you get sweaty while working out. Some don’t like to admit that. But, no sweat no gain I always say. Do you get sweaty when teaching English? I bet some of your students get sweaty in your class. Maybe you should combine English class with aerobics! If you did that I would do some exercises and improve on my grammar. It’s what we call a “win-win.”
My wife currently wants to keep me around for a while and is not really interested at this point in introducing a nubile young lady who gets sweaty while exercising into our current family dynamic but I will speak with her about it. You have lots to offer and there is a lot of potential upside. The downside: my wife will kill me. Do you like working outside in the dirt? We need farm laborers and could probably use you, especially to pick weeds and remove rotten onions. 
Below is a picture of me in the fields. It’s a selfie. Do you take selfies?
What sort of tv shows and movies do you like? Do you know anything about time travel, or space aliens? And what do you think about Pope Frank telling Catholics not to breed like the rabbit? Years ago my relatives bred like the rabbit but not anymore. What about in Georgia?
I don’t do drugs either but sometimes I drink moonshine and 4Loko, original formulation (google that). I also on occasion am interviewed for news stories about farming. I once tried to sell a bag of onions for $150,000 (see: I think if Oprah had seen the story she would have bought it. 
What do you think of the New England Patriots deflating 11 of 12 of their footballs? 
You say you have no bad habits in connection with drugs. But, do you pick the nose and what about farting? 
Well, it has been fun chatting! 
Talk with you soon,
Date: January 21, 2015 at 8:39:11 AM EST
From: Nalan <>
Reply-To: Nalan <>
To: Chris Pawelski <>
Subject: Hello!

Nice to see your messages. It is very wonderful to start our
acquaintance. I hope you enjoyed reading this letter. I have a good
mood. I expect we met a lot of feelings, and the continuation of our
acquaintance. My name is Nalan. I must say that I do not want to cheat
a friend, hiding behind fake online nicknames. You know, many people
want to look better than they really are, and for that choose a some
exotic, completely ridiculous names… I live in the city of Rustavi.
My country called Georgia. My city has a population of approximately
122000 inhabitants. My city is located on the banks of the River
Kuri. The city is located 11 kilometers south-east of the Georgian
capital Tbilisi. I am 30 years old, my date of birth April 12, 1984.
According to the sign of the zodiac, I ram. However, many people say
that I look younger. I do not know if this is true. Here you are
looking at my photos, what you think about this? If interested, I can
say that with the growth of 177 centimeters weigh 53 kilograms, with
such indicators can be a model, but such a prospect, to be honest,
I do not like. Just in Georgia this business uses is not very good
reputation. Besides, I have a great job – I am a teacher in a primary
school. My specialization – English. I like to do aerobics, engaged
since childhood, love move cheered by catchy music. I enjoy it! Brag-
not my rules, but still, I note that dances allow you to monitor my
figure. Of course, it’s hard work, and often it happens that the
clothes are wet with sweat, yet spend activity, but what fun it is.
It is not difficult to guess that such a busy schedule, the work of the
teacher and aerobic exercise requires time. So I have no bad habits,
I do not smoke and do not do drugs, I’m just not necessary. Sometimes
it happens that while on vacation in the company of friends, I allow
myself a little light cocktails, and then more for the girls. Never
been married, no children. Perhaps then tell you more, why it
happened. I’m all about himself but about yourself! Please tell us
whatever you think is necessary: Tell us about the city where you
live, than to get involved. I am pleased to send you my pictures!
I hope that you will like them. And I look forward to your letters
and your photos! I really want to see them!
I look forward to your letter! Your new girlfriend Nalan!

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