Even more old pictures & documents!

2014 is the 30th Reunion for S.S. Seward (Florida, New York) Class of 1984! So, I’ve been rummaging through stuff and found some interesting school related documents and photos, mostly related to my days in the Florida School System (a few are related to college).

Please enjoy this hodgepodge of materials. Next uploads will be more vintage pics of my grandparents and the like!




Kindergarden grad SS Seward 1972 Kindergarden SS Seward 71-72

1 thought on “Even more old pictures & documents!

  1. Thanks for the great pictures, articles and memories! As almost all of the first pics seem very blurry to me, I believe I could only figure out that there was you, Chris Card & John Rogers. It was great to see the personal Graduation pics in such vivid color…I wish someone out there had MORE of their personal pics from Graduation. I don’t have a single one of my own 😦 !

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