Exciting Announcement … I have a literary agent!

I have now formally signed with Elisabeth B. Dabney Literary Services and Elizabeth Dabney for my memoir “Muckville: Farm Policy, Media and the Strange Oddities of Semi-Rural Life!”

Muckville is a book that details life on our onion farm and my public policy activities over the years! Very exciting news!


7 thoughts on “Exciting Announcement … I have a literary agent!

  1. In the words of one of the valley’s greatest protagonists, “Boy dat is sahhmp’m, hey! You know your stuff. Dat’s right, hey! Daaats right. I give you credit, hey. Dare’s no denyin’ it—I’ll be da first to admit it—you know your stuff, hey!—–I’ll be goda hell! —-Dat’s da ropadope—-An dat’s da trut of it, hey!
    But seriously, great news Chris. Endeavor to persevere! (as chief Dan George said). Your hard work is rewarded. Now you’ll have to start writing the next one!

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