Life On The Farm is a fantastic social media bio and networking website. Their blog recently featured a number of farmer members and my bio was one of the bios highlighted!

The Blog

Life on the farm ‘aint what it use to be – and that’s a good thing! Improving connectivity in agricultural areas allows more people to get online and for the increased visibility of rural producers.

Connectedness helps us understand a different perspective, and can put each of us in someone else’s shoes. I’m particularly excited by the abundance of farmers and agriculture-focus professionals on Connecting with people through that you don’t have an opportunity to meet during your normal day is invigorating!

Jared GulianElla HammelHilary Graves

“Cultivators of the earth are the most virtuous and independent citizens.” -Thomas Jefferson”

traffasMarta Daltonkit.papworthWe rely on farmers to nurture and harvest the food that sustains us all. There are countless benefits to urban life, but one downside is the disconnect between the food we find at the market and the people who produce it.

Farmers like Chris Pawelski (driving his tractor in the header image) provide…

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