Successful Farming Magazine “Nothing to Hide”

I’m going to periodically post older articles and media pieces Eve and I and the family have been featured in over the years. Many of these, like this one, are not available in electronic format online.

This article, from the 11/00 issue of Successful Farming Magazine was written by veteran reporter Mike Holmberg and is entitled “Nothing to Hide.” It dealt with how we dealt with the media. It really is a great piece that has a great photo of me speaking with then (and still now) reporter with the Times Herald-Record Chris McKenna!


Oh … since I am in the midst of my Crowd Funder Show campaign to fund an editor for my memoir … that deals with stuff like this … I had to mention it!

Please support my Crowd Funder campaign for raising funds for a professional editor for my memoir. For every dollar you contribute you get a matching dollar for dollar gift card from places like Best Buy, Sears, Home Depot and Toys R Us, amongst others.

Can you support a small family farmer who does public policy work by getting his memoir ready to be published?


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