Updates on Outback and my Crowd Funding Campaigns and other stuff!

On Sunday night I e-mailed Outback for a free Bloomin’ Onion and promptly blogged about it!


It’s now Wednesday and no response from Outback Corporation. Do they hate Iowa fans, or onion farmers, or just Iowa graduates who happen to be onion farmers?

Here are the two contact links I used … feel free to contact them and demand they give a free Bloomin’ Onion to the 4th generation onion farmer who is a University of Iowa graduate! Ask them why they don’t support onion farmers who are Iowa grads!



I now have 4 days left on my Kickstarter campaign:


39 backers pledging $1,627 is pretty fantastic but Kickstarter is “all-or-nothing” so it appears pretty unlikely I’ll make my goal of $5,000 in 4 days. hey, you never know … but many thanks to all that chose to support my project!

In the meantime my Crowd Funder TV Show campaign now has 4 backers!


The segment will be coming shortly I will promptly post it once it is available! This campaign is not “all-or-nothing” and supporters get dollar for dollar matching gift cards from places like Best Buy, Home Depot, Starbucks and Sears. Talk about win-win … if you plan on doing any shopping at any of those locations it’s like supporting me for free! If you backed me on Kickstarter I hope you consider backing me on The Crowd Funder TV Show campaign! And I hope you can spread the word!

I now have a Facebook page devoted to my memoir “Muckville: Farm Policy, Media and the Strange Oddities of Semi-Rural Life.”


And finally the website for my new farming public policy organization that will focus on specialty crops, Farmroot, is up and active. I think it is fantastic … check it out:


Wow … that’s lots of updates … arthroscopic knee surgery coming up Friday … hopefully I will be able to post lots of fantastic pics … will be asking the Doctor if I can only have a local so I can stay awake and take some neat surgery action photos!

We’ll see … though I doubt my wonderful and long suffering wife will allow it!

2 thoughts on “Updates on Outback and my Crowd Funding Campaigns and other stuff!

    • Thanks … second time since 2008 … probably a repetitive injury from my forklift work on the farm … what can you do, lol?

      I really hope to get some great pics!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!!!!

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