My new Kickstarter campaign has officially launched!

Well, it is official … my new Kickstarter campaign has officially launched.


Since my failed previous campaign I have hooked up with a professional editor eager and willing to intensively edit my manuscript. She edited my Kickstarter project and it was an intensive, line by line edit.

Like the other handful of people that have seen all or part of my first draft she is very excited about it and its potential. She thinks I’m a very good story teller and is very excited to work on it.

That’s where you all come in … her proposal to do the project is very reasonable (I’ve gotten other offers the past few months from other editors across the country) and she is excited about the work. But I simply do not have $5,500 to pay her.

I wish a time traveler would give me winning Powerball numbers but that simply has not happened yet. Until it does I need your help. If you can contribute … fantastic … if you could spread the word among your social networks … even better.

In the meantime check out the new verbiage and video … AND THANK YOU!

8 thoughts on “My new Kickstarter campaign has officially launched!

  1. My first try to reply vaporized . . . hope this one gets through. See and my credentials and fees . . . vastly below your other bid. Precision on my part will preserve your voice . . . I do all parts of making a book save the actual printing . . . even there, I send out bids to get the lowest price for you, then do the “printing coordination” (basically monitoring the process and communicating in printers’ language.
    mickey morgan

  2. I like stories. As to your knee, I’m sorry, but revisionary surgery is about 3-4x as hard to recuperate from (if they are like the hips: I’ve had 4 hip replacements since 2007). It’s hard on the body in ways we don’t even know about . . . so many chemicals . . . they have longterm effects. Also, our body has its own healing ways. Glucosamine has been known to rebuild the cartilage and I heard of a man who avoided knee surgery with the simple sugar.
    freedom from pain,
    mickey morgan

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