Life sucks … but it could always be worse ….

Since last Thursday, as of this morning, we have gotten roughly 6 inches of rain. That included 2 inches from the latest event which ended last night. The various tributaries that feed into the Wallkill River, including the Quaker Creek (which much of my land drains into or is near) are very high, as is the Wallkill itself. Because the river is so high the tributaries are starting to back up and a small portion of my fields started to go a bit under water, but as of 9:00am the water began to recede.

I have an incredible ache in the lower part of the right side of my back. I can’t bend or move really well.

So, since I can’t get into the fields and I can’t take any more pain killers for my back to compensate, I decided to lay low and do the laundry for the week. I separated our laundry into 4 loads and loaded the first into our relatively new Samsung WF328AAW (

I don’t think we have owned it longer than 2 years. It was a $1K machine.

As the first load was about to start the rinse cycle a warning code popped on. “NF” I started to search for the owner’s manual and couldn’t find it in our mess of a filing cabinet. I then searched online and found it meant the machine couldn’t fill with water. So I turned it on and off and the machine started to work. It filled with water and started the rinse cycle.

Then it stopped.

Then the door unlocked.

Then the door popped open and the water just poured out.


I quickly tried to close the door as the water rushed out. But I couldn’t, because the towels prevented it. I finally was able to shut the door but the laundry room was filled with water. And my back was killing me. I went down to the basement and got our wet/dry vac, which is functionally useless. It pits out whatever you are sucking in at a nearly equal rate. But, I was able to suck enough of the water up. I then called Eve.

Me: “Holy crap, the washer crapped out, it opened in mid rinse I have water everywhere. WHERE IS THE DAMN OWNER’S MANUAL?”
Eve: “You can’t find it? (hears my frustration, starts giggling)
Me: “This isn’t funny … I can’t find the manual, my back is killing me, the laundry room is a mess, we are almost flooding, this is terrible.”
Eve: “Did you get the wet/dry vac?”
Me: “YES! It sucks, or rather, it doesn’t! And I can’t find the one attachment for the vacuum cleaner because Jonah plays with it I am so pissed! And where is the manual?”
Eve: (laughing now) “Listen, man up!”
Me: “I am manning up … this sucks.”
Eve: “I’m on my way.”

I then called my dad and he brought the barn’s wet/dry vac, which actually opened up. He then opened the door to the laundry room and said “leave this open … it needs more air to dry!”

Ah, he worked in his obsession for more air!

Eve arrived, I eventually found the manual and we were able to run the spin cycle, getting the remaining water out of the machine. I then got a hold of the therapeutic massage person our family uses and made an appointment for my back tomorrow morning.

When I drove down Indiana Road most of the standing water had finally been absorbed by the ground and the water in the ditches and Quaker Creek continued to recede.

But at 3:00pm it began to rain … heavy, and cells from the north keeping going over us like a train. We picked up at least a quarter inch but the Village of Florida (where the Quaker Creek runs thru) was hammered. The waters will now ride again and who knows when they will recede … but hopefully they will recede soon (

One day at a time ….

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