I just spoke with one of my workers, Juan, asking him if he heard what was going on last night (I noticed last night the lights in his and the other Juan, Shorty’s place were on as we were on the highway).

Juan: “Yes, but we didn’t know what was happening. I called my friend this morning Mario and asked him what happened?”
Me: “Wait, you know this guy? Named Mario? Works for the Koreans?”
Juan: “Yes, Mario, he works for the Koreans, he was hanging out, drinking a little with us.”
Me: “WHAT? He was here?” (I’m no longer holding back my laughter)
Juan: (starts laughing) “Yes … he left okay. So I called him and asked what happened. He said he had too much cerveza.”
Me: “I guess … (laughing) … he didn’t get very far, probably about 200 feet until he passed out on the road.”
Juan: “I keep asking him this morning, ‘wha happened,’ he don’t know.”

Morale of the story: Friends don’t let friends drink and walk, especially on busy highways and if they are so drunk they can’t walk farther than 250 feet.”

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