National Geographic November 1941 story on the historic black dirt region of Orange County, New York

The black dirt region of Orange County, New York, was featured in a very large article in the November 1941 issue. Here is that article uploaded with each page being an individual photo.

On the last page you see an older lady cutting up a potato to make seed … that woman is my dad’s grandmother, my great grandmother.



22 thoughts on “National Geographic November 1941 story on the historic black dirt region of Orange County, New York

  1. This is such a great article.I read every word ! I never knew how the Polish people came to Pine Island.Enjoyed reading this VERY much !The picture with the Polish master looks like my grandparents house too.But they came over from Poland in like 1932.Thanks,Chris.

  2. Great article, good reading and a look back when the black dirt first got started. Lots of my grandmothers family still live in the area. In fact on page IV ….even onions can’t bring tears….is Vincent Kamrowski. His wife and children still live in Florida. Vince and I would play cards at the kitchen table along with my Godmother Helen Dowd. Thanks for posting this and much success this year with your farm and the governments.

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    • Why thank you! Please spread the word about this blog entry! And check out the various 8mm movies I have posted as well. Very historical. Just type 8mm in the search box for the link for the blog article.

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  5. My grandmother is in this article. She lived to be 99 and just passed recently. It is such a great honor to see her in this. I came across this article a few years ago and just searched the internet for an hour to find it. Thank you for posting it.

    • You are quite welcome!! Please spread the word where to find it! If you go to my YouTube channel and look for the Popiel videos you can see some video footage of one of the festivals in those videos (not sure which).

  6. Very interesting. Having come to Middletown four years ago, I have often walked my dog along the quiet desolate farm roads off of Indiana Road, Celery Avenue, and thereabouts. Does the annual onion festival still exist at all?

  7. My family is mentioned in this article. On page 640, under “We Are Americans”, my family is mentioned. I am descended from the Hetman’s. I will have to post this on Facebook. I found this years ago. So glad that I did.

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